Our Team 

At CLF, we believe that the biblical model of leadership is carried on the shoulders of a leadership team more than the life of a single man. Our leadership team at CLF is composed of four men. As leaders, we believe we are called to walk together in accountable, transparent, and genuine God-initiated relationships having a set man as the senior leader.

Paul Kidd

Apostolic Team Leader

Paul is married to Kimberly, and they have three children: Alex, Paige, and Carson.

Jim Morgan


Jim is married to Debbi, and they have four daughters: Bekah, Anna, Rachel, and Liz.

Scott Woodard


Scott is married to Angel, and they have three sons: Josiah, Keanan, and Ethan.

Eric Davis


Eric is married to Amanda, and they have two sons: Samuel and Nathaniel.

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